Blackjack Ballroom Casino Full Terms & Conditions

Here is described and estimated the rules of use of the Blackjack Ballroom, the software and service provided by the brand. We strongly recommend to learn the agreement before any activity as well as registering and/or using the website information.

1. Blackjack Ballroom General Terms and Conditions

1.1. Once you become a customer of (the ‘website’) and using the website/software, you automatically accept the Website Terms of Use Agreement.
1.2. Being aware of the rules mentioned on the page and applied to all the monies and wagers are on your own responsibility.
1.3. You’re allowed to save the copy of the materials for non-commercial use only.
1.4. Blackjack Ballroom casino considers the rules, terms and conditions be fair and correct. If you have questions or need a piece of advice about the rules or anything about the service, then you are to refer to the Help Center of the website.
1.4. If you register an account and become a customer of the Blackjack Ballroom, it’s considered that you’ve read, learn, understood and accepted these T&Cs. The brand urges to record the transactions, policies as payout or cancellation, play rules, etc.
1.6. Consider that depositing of ill-gotten funds is unlawful. We inform you of all transactions are checked due to eliminating any instances of Money-Laundering. We will report to the relevant authority bodies in case if any criminal or suspicious activity is detected.
1.7. Any person can be refused in access to the service. Besides that, we reserve the right to elude any withdrawal in case it’s suspected to be linked to the fraudulent or criminal activity.
1.8. Blackjack Ballroom can void winnings in case they are associated with such practices as money transfers between the players’ accounts/e-wallets; several players accounts/e-wallets were deposited by a common source. Such cases will be investigated and are recognized as fraudulent ones.
1.9. The right to remove, change or revise any part of the page and materials at any time without prior notice is reserved by Blackjack Ballroom. That’s why it’s your responsibility to track the changes by visiting the page intermittently.

2. Language of the Blackjack Ballroom T&Cs

2.1. Blackjack Ballroom publishes and updates the rules and page in English. It’s the English language to be the basis for the Terms and Conditions and the materials in other languages. In case there is any ambiguity between the versions of these T&Cs and the transaction, then the English variant has a priority.
2.2. There is common terminology used. Outlined below expressions have a standard definition unless otherwise stated:

  • Casino here means the Blackjack Ballroom with all its entities included.
  • Player is a person whose data along with the name is used for the account registered at the Casino.
  • A player who registered a real account with mentioning banking data at the Casino is a Real Player.

3. Blackjack Ballroom Casino Information

3.1. Blackjack Ballroom is a legal website that is licensed and regulated by the well-known and trusted regulatory bodies. Blackjack Ballroom’s license was given by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The operator works under the license and terms of the Canadian authority.
3.2. The processing of all monetary transactions like deposits and withdrawals are held in the name of GOITSC Limited and Bulex Enterprises Limited in Cyprus, Fresh Horizons Ltd. payment processing arms.
3.3. Blackjack Ballroom is managed by Apollo Entertainment Limited (C45483), Villa Seminia, 8 Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta’Xbiex XBX1011. The operator works under the license and terms of the Maltese registered company.
3.4. Apollo Entertainment Limited is the company to contract when becoming a customer of the casino. All the gaming and gambling services is provided under the terms and conditions.

4. Participation

4.1. All the visitors who are under the legal age, it’s 18 years and 21 years old for some jurisdictions, are restricted to register or have any gaming activity at the website and/or software provided by Blackjack Ballroom.
4.2. The casino has the right and can verify your identity by means of the requesting valid documents and/or performing checks at any time.
4.3. It’s the Player to be responsible for the gambling and gaming activity at the casino site, including the legality of the online gambling in the jurisdiction/location/country he/she resides in. Though the service can be available it doesn’t intend to let the player run counter to the regulations and/or laws.
4.4. It’s a Player, not the Casino, to be liable for outraging state, federal, national, local or any other laws due to the gaming activity at the casino brand.
4.5. Blackjack Ballroom casino has unlimited right to withhold refunds, deposits, free monies, bonuses, or any other kind of payment to Player in case the customer is younger than legal age estimated (18 or 21 years old) and the online gambling and gaming activity is illegal for the jurisdiction.

5. Maltese Law

5.1. The Maltese laws are applied to the T&Cs described on the page.

6. Player’s Casino Account

6.1. You must provide accurate and true data in all respects when registering a new player profile. Blackjack Ballroom can request the verification via mentioned email address. Mind that in case it’s revealed that incorrect or inaccurate data was given, the account will be closed and monies confiscated and/or refunded.
6.2. You’re allowed to create and operate a single Blackjacks Ballroom profile. In case it’s detected that a customer has more than 1 (one) profile, Blackjack Ballroom casino can suspend all the profiles identified until the details, data, and balances of the profiles have been verified to have claimed Welcome/Sign Up offers multiple times. Once completed, we’ll leave only one active player profile when others will be terminated.
6.3. Keep your personal information provided in the registration form up to date. In case you change any info like email, home address, contact information, etc. you must notify Customer Support Center of Blackjack Ballroom.
6.4. You’re free to choose a password by your own discretion. You’re to remember it and keep it confidential, don’t share it with anybody and don’t save in the browser. It’s your safety because the player profile is deemed valid in case such info as login/username and password are matched/entered correctly.
6.5. Note you’ll be sent a letter by the service on email mentioned in the registration form to activate the profile. Verify the email via the letter sent, otherwise, we’ll suspend the profile. If you’ve had a profile at another house of the Casino Rewards Group, but have previously unsubscribed it, you’re to contact the Blackjack Ballroom Support Center then.
6.6. Blackjack Ballroom casino limits the players; bonuses to 1 (one) per family, man/woman, email, phone, home address, CC, PC, etc. The service can refuse to reward any/all promos to any customer or group of users.
6.6. It’s users to be liable for damages and/or losses occurred and connected with the brand and its products; including, without limitation, loss of personal data, misuse of the operator and its products, interruptions/lags/freezing/delays in work and/or transmission, communication and/or line failure, errors or omissions in the content. The casino operator can suspend and even close the profile in this eventuality.
6.8. The relationship with the customer won’t be abused by the service any unauthorized activity occurred on the user’s desktop/laptop/PC system.
6.9. Account Dormancy at the Casino Site
6.9.1. Player’s profile is recognized as a dormant one in case there is no activity after 60 days.
6.9.2. Keep in mind that if no activity is detected, Blackjack Ballroom will remove remaining credits for safekeeping to eliminate the possibility of theft and/or misappropriation of the player’s monies. To back the funds, request them and give the right answers to security identification questions.
6.10. Inter-Account Funds Transfers at Blackjack Ballroom
6.10.1. Customers are prohibited to send, get and transfer money and credits between individual profiles.
6.11. Blackjack Ballroom Account Closure/Suspension Aspects
6.11.1. The gambling house site can suspect and close any profile at its own discretion.
6.11.2. Unauthorized use of the casino profile can cause account termination.
6.12. To close your Blackjack Ballroom profile, contact the support service.

7. Protection of Customer Funds

7.1. Due to the licence, Blackjack Ballroom is obligated to inform users about what happens to monies the casino holds on the account for the customers, and the extent to which credits are protected in case of insolvency.
7.2. All customer’s funds are held in a separate account, whereby the user’s credits remain distinct from the casino’s daily operations. However, they are a part of the designated assets in the event of insolvency. Thus, the requirements of the Gambling Commission are met for the segregation of the funds of the players at the level: not protected segregation. You can get more detailed information about the segregation levels on the page. Besides that, the service also meets the requirement of the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) to keep the user’s credits separately from the funds of Blackjack Ballroom and hold them in a client account maintained with an approved credit institution.
7.2.1. Cleared customer’s credits deposited for stakes in future gambling at Blackjack Ballroom
7.2.2. Winnings or prizes which the player has decided to leave on deposit with the casino or for which the service has yet to account to the customer
7.2.3. Any crystallized and yet unpaid loyalty rewards or other bonuses, in each case regardless of whether the licensee is a party to the gambling contract
7.3. The reconciliation of the casino accounts is conducted by Blackjack Ballroom every week.
7.4. Blackjack Ballroom will notify you before depositing funds, in case there are any changes in how the protection of customer funds is provided.

8. Payment Details / Withdrawals

8.1. Blackjack Ballroom Casino reserves the right to suspend the player account and/or prevent further activity on the ewallet/card/financial account, in case this e-wallet, credit/debit card or financial account used for money transaction (deposit/withdraw) wasn’t in the name of the individual registered on the casino account. That is until such time as Blackjack Ballroom is satisfied that the card/ewallet/financial account holder has granted the appropriate permission for using the CC/wallet/account. In case 3D Secure authentication was used for a monetary transaction is successfully processed, the permission of the CC/wallet/account holder may be assumed. If appropriate CC/wallet/account holder authorization isn’t received before investment, the winnings may be voided.
8.2. You are responsible for retaining copies of transaction records, the rules and policies of the Blackjack Ballroom site.
8.3. You are to know the laws relating to the online gambling laws in the country of domicile. It’s your responsibility only.
8.4. Pay attention that any withdrawals made via bank wire method will be paid out to the name used when registering the account with Blackjack Ballroom. Besides that, in case the credit/debit card has been used for depositing money, the name must correspond to the name mentioned on the CC.
8.5. If you update or add payment details, then it’s to be made within the Blackjack Ballroom casino software or by referring to the customer support center.
8.6. Keep in mind that only one PMOP (Preferred Method Of Payment) must be active at any point in time.
8.7. Remember that any withdrawals are subject to fees adjusted under the banking section.
8.8. Due to the Blackjack Ballroom obligations under the casino’s license conditions, the EU 4th Money Laundering Directive, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy is derived. The gambling house has the right to conduct appropriate security reviews. In such a case the submission and verification of relevant documentation may be required (KYC procedures). Note, that payments may be withheld until the casino receive all the required documentation and reviews are satisfied. That’s made to prevent any Money laundering and criminal activity through the Blackjack Ballroom services. The casino reserves the right to lock the casino account, void winnings and/or restrict further purchases, in case the casino’s AML reviews result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

9. Customer Due Diligence/Authorization Procedure

9.1. Because of Blackjack Ballroom is to be certified by a registered Notary, the website reserves the right to require you to provide verification documents to identify your person following all your monetary transactions, including deposits and/or prior to allowing any withdrawal. Mind that the next documents can be asked, included but not limited to:
9.1.1. Copy/Photo of your ID (driver’s license, passport, and/or government-issued identity card);
9.1.2. Your credit/debit card copy that you used for deposits in such a way the cardholder is visible;
9.1.3. Bank checks/utility bills or any other document with your address mentioned to confirm your location/jurisdiction/country/residence, no older than 3 months.
9.2. Selecting a payment method for inputs, keep in mind that all withdrawals are to be processed through the same system utilized for deposits, up to the amount of the purchase. Some delays for withdrawing can take place due to the KYC procedures and the process of the casino’s identity verification.

10. Illegal Software and/or Bots Usage at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

10.1. You’re to consider the fact that the abuse and usage of any malicious software and bugs in any product provided by the casino software are unlawful and illegal. You must inform the operator immediately in case you detect any bug in the gaming software of the Blackjack Ballroom.
10.2. In case the service detects an abuse/usage of the bugs/malicious programs, the website will block/close the account, freeze the balances, start eventually legal proceedings and take any other necessary measures.
10.3. The attempts to influence and/or change the outcome of the gameplay by using the illegal software/program/bug is strictly prohibited. Mind that all the monies gained in such a way will be confiscated and other measures will be taken.
10.4. The casino considers the usage of a Virtual Machine as a way to deceive the casino and/or manipulate/modify the gameplay. The website will withhold all financial gains in such a case.

11. Interruptions In Casino Session/Play

11.1. The casino operator isn’t liable for lagging, server disruptions, downtime, political/technical disturbance to the gaming session. The Blackjack Ballroom will refund the account solely at the discretion of The Casino Management.
11.2. The service isn’t liable for any losses/damages arose and concerned with the website or its content/products provided, including but not limited to: interruptions/delays in transmission/operation, corruption/loss of personal info/data, lags and failures of communication/lines, errors/mistakes omissions in the Blackjack Ballroom content, any misuse of the casino site, etc.
11.3. Upon incurrence of errors connected with the systems/communications and relating to the stakes settlement, generation of random numbers, etc., the casino isn’t liable. Blackjack Ballroom reserves the right to void all stakes in question.
11.4. The bets will be void in the event of a gambling house system malfunction.
11.5. The casino will bill and void wagers, in case errors/system failure/mistake provokes incorrect odd, line/handicap taken in a stake, etc.
11.6. Blackjack Ballroom casino can limit or even refuse any wagers for any reason at the sole discretion. In the event, the amount of the wager will be credited to your account. The bets are valid if our server accepted it and wagers are subject to the Agreement. All the info on the Blackjack Ballroom site is an invitation to play only and, thus, malfunction voids all pays and plays. Should we determine to waive a rule in the interest of fair play to you, it’ll only be for that instant and it’ll not set a precedent for the future.
11.7. In case hardware/software error and/or malfunction was a reason of any winnings, Blackjack Ballroom casino can void the earnings and close the player’s account with all deposits/gains forfeited. All wagers are void in case a casino system malfunction occurs.

12. Availability of Blackjack Ballroom Casino Offers

12.1. All casino offers provided are regulated by the promotion and bonus account terms and conditions applied.
12.2. All promotions of the gambling house are intended for recreational casino customers. Note that the site can limit and refuse the availability/eligibility of any user for any promotion/bonus/offer in the sole discretion without any explanation.

13. Collection of Winnings at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

13.1. Note that all the winnings you gained playing at the casino site will be added to your cleared balance of the account in the currency you chose. The customer can withdraw all or a part of the balance at own wish by mentioning the sum to be paid back.
13.2. The minimum sum to withdraw is £10 and DBT – Direct Bank Transfer payment is to be no less than £300 (excluding transfer charges that are displayed under the Blackjack Ballroom’s banking and withdrawals T&Cs, on the withdrawal page). In case you have any questions/queries/concerns regarding the collection of winnings please refer to The Support Center via email.

14. Blackjack Ballroom Responsible Gaming/Gambling

14.1. Online and offline gambling activity is a kind of entertainment and leisure, but it can be addictive though. Blackjack Ballroom casino promotes responsible gambling/gaming by providing
14.1.1. 24 hours and up to 6 weeks cooling-off periods.
14.1.2. Self-exclusion options for a different time period that can be from 6 months up to 5 years.
14.1.3. The capability to set deposit limits.
14.1.4. Problem gambling organizations/sites/agencies referrals provided on the site.
14.1.5. Session reminder to turn on.
14.2. We urge you to visit and learn our Responsible Gambling Policy page with all info and details provided.

15. Casino Support, Disputes, and Complaints

15.1. In case you have any problems, questions, and/or difficulties The Casino Support Center is available for you 24/7.
15.2. You can check and view your current balance along with the transaction history at any time. In case there is any dispute/ claim arising from past and/or current transactions, you’re to follow the complaints procedure described below.
15.2.1. First and foremost you need to contact the Customer Support of the casino that works around-the-clock within a week in case you want to make a complaint.
15.2.2. If it happens that you refer to the support team and your complaint hasn’t been resolved, then you are to send the email to to lodge the query. In such a case the solution specialist is to respond to your query within 5 days in the main. However, the cases differ and the resolution can take longer depending on the nature of your inquiry as well as specific investigations required to resolve this.
15.2.3. You can contact the casino’s independent alternative dispute service eCOGRA in case you haven’t got the satisfactory resolution even after internal escalation. eCogra will act as mediators and make a final decision. Besides that, the European Commission’s ODR Platform can be contacted as well for assistance with dispute resolution.
15.2.4. For the full policy document visit Blackjack Ballroom fair play policy.
15.3. Note that in case your dispute related to the games provision and/or performance/construction/validity of the Agreement regarding casino games, then it’ll be exclusively solved in terms of Maltese law. In case recourse to the Courts of Law is necessary, Maltese courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.
15.4. The gambling house will labour to smoothen all disputes in a timely and accurate manner, otherwise, it may be sought as described above. However, even after the process the dispute is unresolved, UK players of Blackjack Ballroom may bring a dispute to the Gambling Commission at, and all other customers from other locations/jurisdictions/countries may contact the Malta Gaming Authority at

16. Financial Institution

16.1. The casino site isn’t a financial institution. Herewith, any investments you made to purchase your Blackjack Ballroom profile are not due to any interest payments on the deposit(s) whatsoever.
16.2. Please, pay attention that Blackjack Ballroom Casino does not provide advice to players relating to legal matters, tax, etc.
16.3. If it happens that you or any other player needs to get the advice regarding tax, legal matters or any related subject, then Blackjack Ballroom recommends to refer to the relevant authorities, appropriate advisors in the country/territory/jurisdiction in which they are resident/domiciled.
16.4. The casino strictly prohibits clients to utilize the site, its systems, products to facilitate arbitrage through Currency Exchange transactions. In the event of such activity is detected by Blackjack Ballroom for financial gain through arbitrage, any earnings will be confiscated/forfeited and removed from the player’s balance without warning or/and notification.
16.5. It’s not Blackjack Ballroom to charge you for depositing via credit/debit card when you cash in the player account. Anyway, it’s a payment processors/systems and/or the card issuer can claim the fees for the transaction. It’s not a typical situation, but it can happen. In the unfortunate event of your incurring such charges you agree that Blackjack Ballroom won’t be liable to you for these fees.

Sign Up Offer Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions applied to the Welcome Bonus Package. Learn the rules of use of the Sign Up Offer prior to accepting any promotions out of the pack. Otherwise, you agree with and accept the T&Cs by claiming for the Blackjack Ballroom welcome bonus, no matter if you read them or not.

Deposit Bonus Promotion

1. Only new players who register a Real Money Account are eligible for the bonus offer.
2. Blackjack Ballroom will credit all bonus monies as points to your Casino Rewards account.
3. Each purchase you make with Blackjack Ballroom is recognized as a single and separate deposit so as to the Bonus. Mind the fact that the total of successive investments can’t fulfill the sign up offer requirements because of each input is only considered individually. Hence, your very first three (3) separate deposits ONLY will define the promotion amounts assigned to the purpose of this bonus.
4. You have to cash in the deposit and also provide any minimum bet requirements driven by redeemed offers that have been satisfied.
5. The wagering requirement applied to the first deposit bonus is 60 times. You’re to complete it prior to your balance may be cashed in.
6. Following bonus amounts that are credited by Blackjack Ballroom Casino to your/player’s account (after the 1st deposit bonus) have 30x wagering requirements before they will be allowed to be cashed in.
7. To avert the misunderstanding and/or confusion associated with the bonus and the earnings transferred to your real player account, you agree to accomplish the playthrough requirements for all promo codes/winning gained in obedience to the normal Blackjack Ballroom Terms and Conditions as stated in General T&Cs below.
8. Keep in mind that the playthrough requirements (for cash-out purposes) will begin being counted as soon as all promo monies are credited to your casino profile.
9. You’re aware of the fact that in order to be eligible for any bonus/promotion provided by the Blackjack Ballroom casino, you must play using the primary currency of your country/jurisdiction where you’ve registered the casino profile and address mentioned. The service has the right to withhold promotions given for the deposits in any currency made in contradiction to this clause, exсepting USD and CAD.
10. Some countries/locations/jurisdictions are prohibited from the promotions, including but not limited to Poland and Hungary.
11. You may qualify for the promotion within 7 (seven) days after the registration. If you don’t claim it during the period, Blackjack Ballroom reserves the right to modify the bonus.
12. You recognize that with knobs on the above-mentioned terms, you are also bound by all General Bonus T&Cs plus General Blackjack Ballroom Terms and Conditions.

General Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. There are limits on the number of times you can claim all the bonuses. Blackjack Ballroom allows you to qualify all promos once per PC/laptop, mobile gadget, person, household, family, email, credit card number, IP, shared computer environment such as a workplace, library, fraternity, university/school. If the casino detects that the bonus was claimed more than one time, all the winnings gained by means of the bonus monies will be forfeited and the player account will be locked.
2. You can’t combine two promotions and bonuses only apply to deposit and wagers on the casino software download, unless specifically stated otherwise.
3. The casino will credit the customer’s account with any bonus points within 1 (one) business day or even sooner. If it’s about the promos that are earned during a certain time period (daily/weekly/monthly offers), they will be awarded within 1 business day following the end of the promotional period.
4. To avert any confusion/misunderstandings regarding bonus offers and/or winnings transferred to the user’s account balance, you agree to accomplish the playthrough requirements applied. These include:
4.1. Your deposit must be cashed-in with any min stake requirements associated with redeemed promo codes that have been satisfied. In the event of the input is cashed-in before the redemption of an associated offer, the bonus along with the earnings will be confiscated.
4.2. The casino asks you to complete 30 times wagering requirement applied to the bonus amounts added to your account before your balance may be cashed in. The first deposit bonus is an exception to the clause because it’s subject to 60x play-through.
4.3. Bear in mind the different contribution percentage counted towards the playthrough requirements, depending on the game kind and it is up to 100%.
4.4. The contribution percentages are as follows:
4.4.1. Wagers on Slots and Parlor Games are counted 100% towards the wagering requirements;
4.4.2. 50% is counted towards wagering requirements for wagers on Table Poker, Casino War and Sic Bo;
4.4.3. All Blackjacks, excluding Classic Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps wagers count 10% towards the playthrough requirement;
4.4.4. Wagers on all Video Pokers, excluding All Aces Video Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold, Caribbean Draw Poker, Triple Action Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold, all Roulettes and Classic Blackjack count 2% towards wagering requirements;
4.4.5. There are excluding games like all Aces Video Poker that don’t count towards wagering.
5. Bets and/or winnings gained by means of Gamble and/or Double up features at any game out of the Blackjack Ballroom casino’s library won’t contribute towards the playthrough requirements. Pay attention to the fact that wagers on All Aces Video Poker won’t count towards the wagering requirements as well; playing the game you will earn no loyalty/comp points.
6. Be aware that the Casino Rewards group has the right to refuse anyone in providing any bonus offer for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to Player abuse.
7. You’re not allowed to claim more than one welcome and or sign up bonus within the Casino Rewards network, regardless of the separate casino awarding the sign up bonus. Thus, you can get Blackjack Ballroom welcome bonuses in case you haven’t made a deposit at this or any other Casino Rewards member casino.
8. If a user is deemed by the operator to have misused a player profile for the exploitation of bonuses, without ever showing any degree of risk with personal credits and/or commitment to gamble, the redemption of all such promos, including but without limitation to welcome/sign up offers, then such accounts/clients will be suspended until such times as the customer shows a playing history whereby it’ll be demonstrated a risk of personal funds.
9. Note that in the event the Blackjack Ballroom detected that credit/debit card, e-wallet and/or financial account used for depositing to claim for the sign up bonuses aren’t in the name of the user registered at the casino, the operator reserves the right to withhold the winnings. Besides that, attempts to cash out the associated earnings from the welcome offers using credit/debit card, e-wallet and/or financial account in a different name to the Blackjack Ballroom profile holder might also result in the winnings being confiscated.
10. Bonuses by email are for the intended recipient only. The casino doesn’t allow you to transfer such promotional offers. In case you’re not the intended e-mail recipient, then the bonus will be null and void.
11. All bonus promotions of Blackjack Ballroom are checked and reviewed regularly. Mind that the casino reserves the right to change the bonus and/or terms applied at any time without notification.
12. The service has the right to rectify any error in promo points, casino credits, prizes awarded, etc. In such a case the user balance will be adjusted to show the correct amount if any error is detected, the winnings won’t be affected.
13. Blackjack Ballroom will forfeit the promotional bonuses/prizes that are left unused in the user’s account for a period longer than 2 months from the date of registration. The casino deems bonuses/prizes “used” in case the min wagering requirement has been completed. The welcome offer is determined by the date a profile is created. If a client registers an account, but leaves it dormant for some time, the customer will still be awarded the welcome offer that was active when they joined the casino operator.
14. In the event, while playing at the website, you win a sum regarded by the Blackjack Ballroom Management as worthy of publicity, the user agrees to be available for any event of such a nature arranged by the casino operator. At all times, the casino will take all measures to ensure the protection of the client’s privacy.
15. While the service protects all the private information entrusted to Blackjack Ballroom, the casino reserves the right to use the customer’s name and/or initials in any Blackjack Ballroom announcement about promotion results.
16. Directors, officers, employees of the casino, as well as the promotional and any other agencies, companies, licensors, licensees, providers, other affiliated/associated or affiliated companies won’t be eligible for entry. The same terms will be applшув to the direct families of such customers.
17. Blackjack Ballroom casino makes use of and contributes to a shared industry database of the promotional fraudsters, abusers. Persons known from the database are not eligible for any bonus offer. Besides that, Blackjack Ballroom casino has the right to close/lock their profiles, refuse access to the service and products of Blackjack Ballroom.
18. Pay attention that only bonus promotions specifically advertised on the Blackjack Ballroom casino site will be honored by the operator. Any other offers issued by other parties, including but not limited to affiliated organizations and/or persons, won’t be recognized by the service and, thereby, they are deemed invalid.
19. Note that only the intended recipient can get any promotional CD offer distributed by the Casino Rewards. You have no right to transfer such offers. Clients must have received a written invitation addressed to them from the Casino Rewards Group to take advantage of any part of the offer.
20. Any offer and/or giveaway run by the casino operator for any kind of merchandise and/or cash isn’t inclusive of any registrations, taxes, licensing, postage, insurance, delivery, etc. unless otherwise is stated within the bonus T&Cs.
21. Note that any money prizes awarded by the service will be credited to the user’s Casino Rewards and/or Blackjack Ballroom account.
22. Blackjack Ballroom strongly apologizes, but the operator is required to initiate measures due to abuse in the past. Please mind that Blackjack Ballroom will audit all suspicious withdrawals before they are processed.

Money Account Terms and Conditions Include:

1. For customers who receive a sign up or 1st deposit offer, the bonus amount must be wagered at least 60 times prior to any withdrawal can be made from their Cash account. Pay attention, as a user’s bonus balance account clears from the bonus to cash account the playthrough required to withdraw funds from the cash account will also decrease. For instance:
1.2. If a user gets a bonus of €100, the user is to wager approximately €6,000 in case if the user chooses a game with a 100% playthrough contribution (e.g. Slots, Parlor Games) before trying to withdraw winnings.
1.3. In case, games with a 50% playthrough contribution are chosen (e.g. Table Poker, Casino War, Sic Bo), the player is to wager €12,000, and so on.