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Looking for a thrilling pastime with a worthy game? Then it’s the proper place and time for you. Blackjack Ballroom casino invites you to register your new account, become a casino member and relish the leading Roulette alternatives created by Microgaming. This is the pastime is bound to be never-to-be-forgotten.

We Offer Satisfying Feelings and Wallet Increasing

Starting the leisure with us, you can be totally sure that everything is to be smooth and beneficial. Don’t confine yourself in anything. Being the real money member and having the access to the whole game content, you can create your own paradise. Check the top promotions, our safe banking methods, leading titles and increase your balance just like that.

Gaming Types Waiting for You

Oh, you don’t suppose that there exists only one alternative of Roulette, do you? Microgaming presents multiple variations and you can find some of them here at Blackjack Ballroom. Check out their differences, view the features and play each to determine the leader.

European Roulette

Check out the most original and sought-after kind of the entertainment. European edition presents 36 spots of red and black numbers, along with one green Zero. Besides the regular bets, which include such as corner, trio, even, odd, and others, you’ve also a capability to use some extra ones. Such features are Experts, which consists of Red/Black Splits and Zero Games, Neighbor and Call parlays.


American alternative stands out due to its single (0) and double (00) Zeros presented on the table and wheel. You cannot stake on one more spot, which total amount includes 38 items. Stocking a conventional pack of ventures, it also offers you to try the Expert mode with more options and opportunities to wager.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Feel like a master of the game? Then you can combine the leisure with several wheels and increase the chances for a win. You wage either on one spot or several of them, or even on a group of figures, and watch up to 8 wheels spinning synchronously! Feel free to enable or disable any table and define the number of active roulettes.

Premier Playing

Have you already decided which option among a wide range to activate first? You can enable the display of your wins and their details. The speed of the game has two modes – normal and turbo. Change the color of the table, place any punt you like, form your personal pastime with various alternatives to make everything pleasant and convenient to you.

French Variation

Everything presented in French with English translation implies that you have launched French Roulette. Viewing the paytable, you can notice that no spot is marked by the color. Yet, feel free to place the regular bets, along with the ones presented in Expert Mode for advanced gamblers.

Bets for Getting Huge Winnings

The likelihood that you will guess the right number is very small. Therefore, playing the game, it’s possible to wage on a group of numbers to increase your winning chances. Such wagers consist of several spots and reward prizes more often.


When we imagine the traditional way of parlaying at the wheel, this is the inside one. That’s when you can stake on a number or several figures placing the coin in the core of the betting layout. This kind of staking also includes some alternatives such as Straight, Corner, Street, Split, and others.

Outside Moves

Leaving aside the digits, you can do it even smarter and select a set of numbers, even if they are not located next to each other. The possible variations consist of Red, Black, Odd, Even, Dozen, and others. This is the most plain and probable mean to catch a winning in the end.


Please, do not confuse this kind of stake with the called one. The announced wager is the one when the player calls the wager and immediately places the sum enough to cover the bets placed on the table. Though during the called alternative, the player can even not invest anything.

Play Smart with Blackjack Ballroom

Dealing with such a gaming kind, when everything depends on your luck and not you, you’d have plan B to surround yourself with safe terms. As you surf the net, you will definitely find multiple strategies to help you become a winner in the end of your gameplay. Please, be careful and try to understand which of the following tips can be of use.

Martingale Strategy

Being probably the most well-known and widely used strategy, Martingale version can also be rather fruitful. The idea is that you’re to double your punt after each loss. That is how you will recoup all the failures and gain a little benefit in the end.


If you want to gain impressive prizes even when having more failures than wins, use the Fibonacci method. This mathematician discovered a sequenced of numbers, which idea is to add the last two numbers for getting the third one, for instance 1-1-2-3-5-8-13. So, each your following venture should be the total of the preceding two in order to have profits.

Reverse Martingale

As it can be guessed from the title, this time you do everything vice versa. Increase your stake after victories and decrease the amount if you lose. That is how you can limit your failures and win more being on the peak of your gameplay.

Labouchere Method

This strategy is recommended when you make outside mises, because during the inside ones it can be rather risky to use it. Before you place a bet, you should define the sum you are willing to obtain in the end. Done? Good! Now, divide this sum into several small pieces. Write down the numbers and when you make a bet it’d be the total of the leftmost and rightmost figures.

Blackjack Ballroom Guarantees for Every Player

Including the top game kinds, we also assure your smooth pastime with the leading technologies and conditions provided. Check out the main benefits of your participation at Blackjack Ballroom and learn what privileges you can gain here.

Safe Place for Playing

Willing to examine the casino legality and trustworthiness, then you can check out the licenses. Blackjack Ballroom is regulated with Kahnawake Gaming Commission located in Canada. Also, you can view the eCOGRA sign and observe the reports, which get updated every month.

Best Software Ever

Microgaming is the leader in multiple fields of online gambling. Numerous rewards, along with innovative developments create an explosive mixture. A large game content includes the top titles consisting of alluring bonuses, progressive jackpots, large outcomes, etc.

Welcome Bonus

Your first three deposits can lead you to a total prize of $500. The Welcome Bonus Package is divided into 3 parts, each of which is activated with the help of a separate input. 100% up to $150, 50% up to $200 and 25% up to $150 match offers can grant you any win you like.

Rewards Loyalty Program

Being one of Casino Rewards Group partners, Blackjack Ballroom casino also presents Loyalty Program to the players. Increase the level of your account, get more privileges and take part in some special ongoing promotions.