Blackjack Ballroom Casino Responsible Gambling Policy

Blackjack Ballroom is watching you! We know how much time you’ve already spent online. And we recorded that you were tempted into a bad way. Come on, you are not willing to deposit that much. Just set the deposit limit, man! Oh, we have noticed what you’re trying to do. This is not an option, you won’t recoup your losses by playing more. Not a single Microgaming blackjack or slot machine can pay off your bills also. We know you’re just hoping to get rich one day.

News about apparent irresponsible gambling of our customers has rocked Blackjack Ballroom though, leaving us with more issues than responses. So here, we’re taking our deeper look at common mistakes of those gamblers, so you’ll play responsibly.

While gaming is mostly fun – reckless playing causes problems after all – you won’t be able to enjoy your pastime no more if you don’t keep to the special rules.

Our gambling code of conduct or “Responsible Gambling Policy” says:

  • Spend no more than you can afford. Stay within that budget.
  • Do not make up for any losses.
  • Determine a daily limit on depositing and spending.
  • Provide from 10%-15% of your time on gambling activity.
  • Take breaks regularly.
  • Stop after you’ve hit a win.

Do you walk the line? These 5 abovementioned statements help you not to get upset or feel depressed after visiting our casino, actually any other gambling website too. The Blackjack Ballroom brought together all of Microgaming most popular entertainments, slots and… famous table games for you to enjoy the game of chance only. We provide no systems or success formulas for your guaranteed winning.

So there would be troubles in the gaming paradise for unaccountable bettors. We’ve learned that from our experience. You know this’s not the first time gamblers break rules. Many try to reverse the effects of losses and don’t sound on our advice. That’s why, we provide another independent source to pass over a quick self assessment test. Become aware of your results right now.

We are happy to have our customers passing the test over successfully. On the other end of the spectrum rests a reckless gaming, so help yourself, hit any of links NCPG or Gamblers Anonymous to take the professional opinion. For privacy reasons, none of our help centers would reveal your identity.

Limits on Deposit

It’s hard for you right now because you really don’t know how to control your money? It won’t work that way, you should decide to set 3 limits, which are of:

  • Daily,
  • Weekly,
  • and Monthly types.

Figure out how to move forward by setting the issue under your budget.

Alert! Decide carefully as to re-enact all changes on limits is a 24-hour job. To update the information regarding deposit, one contact our support team.

Self Restrain

It’s complicated and confusing as with all pleasures. There isn’t one specific moment defining your gaming as a problem one. The data obtained through our technologies may help you conduct the needed comparison study, if you detect addiction to our website (we’re sorry), we recommend self restrain. The period for exclusion you decide for yourself. It may last as long as:

  • 24 hours,
  • 3 months,
  • or 6 months.

For added effectiveness, after you confirm your decision, it would no longer under our right to break it. You will meet our support in your desire to re-open an account after consulting and discussing all the best options in your case.

Age Policy

In order not to cause minors gambling addiction to our casino, we’re monitoring the profiles of our players. We request a proof of the customers’ age on a registry and at other stages that helps us ensure our maintenance of responsible gambling.

We’re trying to serve our people better. Not to mention we follow the Underage Policy and we exclude people who are younger than eligible age (18-18+) spotted playing at Blackjack Ballroom.

So please, don’t make us worry that much no more! We are looking after you.