Privacy Policy

Personal Details Gathering

There exists a list of data that can be collected and kept for further processing:

1. Identifying information, such as your birth date, name, gender and address
2. Your electronic mail address
3. Your valid phone number

Private Details Processing

When Blackjack Ballroom gets any intelligence about the registrant, it is:

1. Received for a lawful or a specific target only
2. Stored in a unprecarious manner
3. Processed according to the Account Holder rights
4. Used for marketing aims and is based on the principle of opt-out

Information Revelation

1. The credit monetary institution that holds the Player’s page will be informed and empowered by Blackjack Ballroom in order to reveal any dope. That may be asked by any Governing Authority concerning the record entry of the Player.

2. As soon as any Governing Authority or any Governing Law provision requires it, Blackjack Ballroom will reveal the personal lights. With the aim to detect and control any kind of fraud, each Player agrees that Blackjack Ballroom can share the data with third bodies, as well as other partners and AVS tool promoters.

3. As Blackjack Ballroom suspects any irregular activities that include the Player’s folder, it is entitled to disclose the dope to respective addressee.

Marketing Materials and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

1. Having some CRM aims, the casino is empowered to process the private items. You can unsubscribe the promotional letters getting in touch with the Support Center.

Improvement of Incorrect Account Data

1. Holding a personal page, you can amend or remove the inappropriate information in the profile on your own.

ActiveX and Cookies

Blackjack Ballroom uses Cookies and some components of Active X for the following targets:

1. To determine the preferential language of the customer and provide it when the Player comes back to Blackjack Ballroom.

2. To examine the traffic of the website and involve acute improvements.

3. To operate the games, including the Flash.

What Blackjack Ballroom Assures:

1. To keep and not to sell, exchange or share your private and casino information with any other person or company. In case you want to opt out from our newsletters, please, write us to the customer care.

2. To utilize your individual data with the purpose to present you some materials or items only upon your request.

Policy of Account Verification

1. When registering a new profile at Blackjack Ballroom, you agree to realize any required examination.

2. We can ask for some additional rap in order to assure the seed of your funds and wealth to investigate any type of cheat and prevention of money laundering.

3. With the aim of inspection, we can ask you to send us a clear copy of:

a. Active documents of your identity, such as password, driving license, etc.
b. A duplicate of the card, where your name is clearly seen, or other evidence of the used CC.
c. Residence confirming publications, including a utility charges or a bank statement with the info no older than 3 months.

4. From the moment when the Player’s login record is closed, all the communications will be kept and retained in privacy for 5 (five) years (the time period can be extended in case there occurs any regulatory reason).

5. We are entitled to ask for some indentures audit after an investment or pending a withdrawal made.

6. You should understand that all the factotums can be required with the certification of a documented Notary.

7. The real money play at the Casino is available to players older than 18 years old only. Anyone under 18 who is determined to utilize the casino SW will lose all the inputs and winnings. We are also entitled to inform the corresponding authorities about the case.

8. Blackjack Ballroom is entitled to search for the data about the Player’s gambling level during the process of revision.

9. We will do everything in order to reduce the rate of risk in case of white-washing, maleficent actions or swindle. In case we fail to verify your identity, all the payments may be withheld with the casino ID frozen.

Our list of emails consists of those registered players or visitors who previously clicked the ‘Opt In’ button or those who entered their electronic mail address within the giveaway contest on their own. Casino Rewards Group does not approve any kind of spam.

When you have a desire to defollow our mailing letters, please, communicated with the customer service of the casino.

International Users to Mind: Please, bear in mind that the data that is collected by us can be sent and hosted in overseas basis. The laws about the intelligence protection can diverse in your country and there may be required an access provided by courts, governments, or other authorities of your country. When you utilize our SW or share your profiling intelligence with us, you agree with the conditions that the info is maintained in the foreign locations.