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Hey there, are you new to Blackjack Ballroom? Here, you are invited to try the top amusements along with lucrative bonuses and conditions. Check out the game that is created for everyone, matching all likings and ideas. Yeah, we’re about Blackjack. The game kind includes simple rules, high winning chances and multiple features. Once haven’t an account here yet, go and register a new one to launch the amusement asap.

Why Gamers Choose Blackjack Ballroom Casino

We can talk a lot about Blackjack and its privileges. Yet, the best pointer of its population is the fact that still numerous players pick this very title for their gameplay. Including the top facilities for successful pastime and hazardous atmosphere, the 21 game also can be proud of high return to player data, large jackpots granted and plain scenario of the gaming process.

Widest Range of Games

As you look through the collection of Blackjack amusements, you’ll see that we offer you the widest range of titles presented by Microgaming. Check out the leading ones and find out how exactly they differ, what advantages each of them hides and which kind is the most profitable. Yeah, you’re the one to determine your leisure.

Classic Blackjack

Blackjack Ballroom recommends to start the Blackjack experience with the Classic version. Here, you are to play with one standard deck of 52 cards. Leaving aside the graphics and sounds, you can relish the features to make you an expert. You can Split or Double Down your hand only once if you’ve hard 9, 10 and 11. You can even win with the Dealer having BJ if you use the Insurance option.

Vegas Single Deck

Everything is so natural! Vegas Single Deck BJ obviously is played with a single deck, that’s right. Do not use the Double Down feature after the Split and remember that the Dealer has no other way but to hit when having soft 17 and stand on hard 17. The Insurance pays 2:1, while all the other BJ wins count 3:1 with regular ones 1:1.

Vegas Downtown

The top gamblers of Vegas know this game! Yeah. This time you have 2 decks of cards and wait for the Dealer to give 2 cards. You can Split trice and compose 4 hands in the end. There is also Insurance option against the Blackjack got by the Dealer, while he is to hit incase having soft 17. Slight differences make the alternatives, as you see.

European Blackjack Redeal

Once you have tried any virtual Blackjack variation, this one won’t have any new things for you. Though, the best thing here is that you can ask the Dealer redeal the hand up to 5 times until you get the necessary combo to win. Yet, the hardest thing here is to stop at the best moment in order not to lose the profitable hand.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Oh, can you play with not one but 8 decks of cards? Except for unlimited Double Down features, you can make up to three Splits. The game includes all the possible conditions, such as Late Surrender and Insurance. You can guarantee the successful ending of each round controlling the actions and making smart moves. Everything is in your hands!

European Variation

Meet another form of pastime with European Blackjack! This time, the Dealer gives everything in your hands. First of all, you’re to pick a wager and place a bet. After that the croupier gets one card face up and gives you 2 cards to make the second move. You are to decide whether to Stand or Hit and once your actions are over, the Dealer also gets the final cards and you see the score.

Reliable Depositing/Withdrawing Process

We know how important it’s to feel safe and secure. That’s why, you’re presented with the top banking methods in order to make deposits and refill your balance for more Blackjack stakes. Check out the safety measures and see that both input and cashout processes couldn’t be easier and more convenient.

Money Transactions Supported

Depending on the county you are from, we offer the leading payment methods at your disposal. You can choose any CC or debit card, e-wallet or bank transfer, prepaid card or any other alternative. Check out the conditions of each option and make smooth and fast transactions.

Personal Data Encryption

Using the SSL encryption technology, all your transfers remain anonymous and safe, cause they come in the form of certain codes and patterns. This assures the protection from any access by third bodies and unknown malicious software.

eCogra Safety Provided

Check the eCOGRA license and reports, which are overviewed and rechecked every month. There, you can find the sign of the independent authority that examines the casino activity and provides rtp of each game kind separately.

Smart Gaming from Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

Oh, the gaming process can become even more pleasant and safe if you follow several simple tips. Blackjack Ballroom knows what you need and below you can find some helpful items to do in order to feel secure and on the way to wins. Each leisure is unique and we can do yours also special.

Free Mode – Perfect Training

In case you are new here, or you just don’t feel confident enough to make real money stakes, why not to try everything in the fun mode for the beginning? Launch the Blackjack games and use the demo coins in order to make bets and win virtual prizes. This’s a great method to gain some experience and firmness.

Become a Card Counting Master

In case you decide to understand the probable result by counting the cards, you’d better choose a game with one deck for sure. That will be easier and you can spend less time on the strategy. That’s who, you can predict the next possible card dealt and imagine the potential score.

Learn the Game Inside Out

Before you launch any Blackjack variation, whether it is new or old, you should read some review on the net with a detailed description of the rules. When, you can examine the facilities described in various ways and understand the idea better.